Serving Some Soup [Pre-Order For Nov 12]

Serving Some Soup [Pre-Order For Nov 12]


A 16oz container of vegan and gluten-free soup. This week's soup is a "very purple soup" of Miso Mushroom, Purple Potatoes, and Celeriac.

Pre-orders close at 5pm on Friday, Nov 10th.

 Pick up your soup between 6 PM and 8 PM in Clinton Hill on NOV 12*

A soup will be donated to One Love Community Fridge for every soup ordered. 

Warm soup for cold weather.A semi-frequent soup pick-up situation in Brooklyn. 

Soup will contain fresh ingredients from the farmer's market. Eat it hot or save it for later in the week.

 Put in your freezer and reheat for another day. 

*if you miss the window - your soup will be delivered to One Love Community Fridge. Uber delivery options are available for an additional cost. A pick-up address will be provided after the purchase is made.

Dang, looks like we're all out, sign up here if you want us to notified you when more come in.