Mitsuba [Cryptotaenia japonica]

In traditional Chinese medicine, Mitsuba helps in fighting minor infections and reducing sores, like gum sores or pneumonia.

It can also help in soothing skin irritations when you rinse the affected areas with boiled Mitsuba and water. This herb has been known to be effective in treating issues such as excessive stress.

This can be connected to the nerve relaxing or vasodilation properties of this plant; it tends to reduce oxidative stress on the herb and thereby brings about calming effects.

Mitsuba is known to have mild expectorant properties and therefore can be found to be effective in relieving mild issues such as cough and cold it also contains high amounts of potassium and hence is acts as a vasodilator.

This herb can soothe the nerves and muscles and thereby promotes a healthy flow of blood to almost all parts of the body.