about russell markus

My 15+ year career has revolved around cultural research and strategy and over a decade of dinner parties and events. Essential Herbs is the culmination of my work, where food, art, community building, and design are central.

Food, I believe, is a vessel that should be accessible to all. It has the potential to elevate the human experience by breaking bread together, which is profound - something to be cherished and celebrated. As a cook, style balances simple, complex, and unexpected flavor combinations. It is led by intuition with the freshest ingredients local markets and farms have to offer.

Sharing food is a critical aspect of how Essential Herbs lives in the world - empathy, humanity, and conversation are the profound moments where we understand more deeply.

Understanding humanity comes from sitting around the dinner table when you meet the love of your life, the experience seeing a new work of art that changes your entire perspective, the small morsel that elevates your senses, or listening to a singer share lyrics that bring out tears of joy.

Prior to starting Essential Herbs, I brought Lily CBD into the world circa 2018, led strategy for Spike Lee's creative agency, and helped contribute strategy/insights/analytics for a range of businesses, brands, and start-ups - primarily in New York City and Brooklyn.

My philanthropic energy now focuses on supporting One Love Community Fridge, the Food Education Fund, and Oko Farms.

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