Beeswax [Apic cerana]

Beeswax is a product made from the honeycomb of bees. Bees consume about eight times as much honey and fly 150,000 miles to create one pound of beeswax.

The mixing of pollen oils into honeycomb wax turns the white wax into a yellow or brown color. As medicine, there have been some trials to show that ingesting beeswax can help lower cholesterol, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and treat ulcers, diarrhea, and hiccups.

More commonly, beeswax is employed in topical medicines in the form of salves. The anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax can soothe irritated skin, making it one of the best skincare ingredients for healing rosacea or eczema.

Organic Beeswax from Armenia