White Pine [Pinus strobus]

The White Pine is both an evergreen and the tallest growing tree in the Northeast.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pinewood is infused in wine and used topically for joint pain. The Native Iroquois and Micmac tribes used the pitch (sap), pine tips, and the inner bark as a panacea. They found the pine’s bark and resins to be a healing wonder for coughs, bronchitis, laryngitis, and chest congestion.

When Europeans first arrived in America, they reportedly followed the wisdom of the natives and drank tea made with Eastern White Pine needles to ward off disease.

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Pine-top tea is one of the essential historical medicines of the rural southeastern United States.

The resin is often used topically in emergency care as an antimicrobial dressing on wounds and to pull out splinters, glass, and toxins from poisonous bites.