Rose Hips [Rosa canina]

Rose hips are powerful medicine for decreasing systemic and chronic inflammation.

This is especially beneficial for your heart health and for decreasing arthritic pain. Their fruits provide a rich herbal source of Vitamin C and flavonoids. When fresh off the bush they often have more Vitamin C per weight than an orange.

Rose hips have antioxidant properties that support the heart and cardiovascular system. They enhance the integrity of the vascular system and can be used as a daily tonic to reduce capillary fragility and permeability.

They are also useful in speeding the healing of bruises and wounds. Rosehip tea has mucilaginous properties that coat and soothe the mucous membranes. The tea is beneficial as a demulcent for treating a sore throat. The mucilage coats the digestive tract. It also has mild laxative effects.