Art for Life House, Berkshires

In 2021, Essential Herbs were tasked with creating a moment of human touch in the rooms of the soon-to-be-open Life House Berkshire. The hotel was inspired by a We ultimately decided to create a character, a time traveler who had been going to the hotel for several decades.

Each of the 80 unique pieces, hand typed on a range of typewriters, told one piece of the story, whether it was the journey north, exploring the surroundings with a lover, hunkering down in the lobby during a torrential downpour., or the final piece, a letter from the author to his daughter. The pieces can be found throughout the hotel rooms and lobby. Additional, film photograph was purchased to be should on the property as well.

These pieces were included in articles on dezeen and cntraveler.

Life House Birkshire is just off Main Street in Lenox.