Camphor Oil [Cinnamomum camphora]

Camphor Oil from the Cinnamomum camphora tree has a strong, penetrating, fragrant odor, a bitter, pungent taste, and is slightly cold to the touch like menthol leaves.

In aromatherapy, Camphor Oil’s scent offers relief to a congested respiratory system and can boost circulation, immunity, convalescence, and relaxation.

File:Cinnamomum camphora, Japan. AAE-00591.jpg

A very large specimen of a camphor tree in an old temple garden in Nagasaki, Japan. August 28, 1905.


Used topically, the cooling effects of Camphor Essential Oil soothe inflammation, redness, sores, insect bites, itching, irritation, rashes, acne, sprains, and muscular aches and pains.

With anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Camphor Oil is also known to help protect against contagious viruses.

Internally, Camphor Oil stimulates and boosts circulation, digestion, and excretion metabolism. The principal use of camphor is to reduce coughs.

The plant contains substances, which upon contact with water, form a protective layer that covers the lining of the upper respiratory system, which reduces mechanical irritation and prevents the cough reflex.

File:Cinnamomum camphora - Botanic Gardens.jpg

Cinnamomum camphora at the Botanic Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia