Anise Hyssop [Agastache foeniculum]

Native to Turtle Island, this popular digestant not only assists with the prevention of gas and bloating, but the tightening of ones chest cavities, making it a great expectorant, cough suppressant, and relieving congestion.

As it soothes our inflamed tissues internally, Anise Hyssop topically is useful for irritated and/ or inflamed skin in poultice or salve form.

Unlike the herb Hyssop, Anise Hyssop has much mystery in modern herbalist books due to that its knowledge and power has been held in stories by tribes such as the Cree, Chippewa, and Cheyenne tribes where it had been kept by traditional healers, medicine people, and elders.

If you’re not a fan of Licorice, you won’t get much enjoyment from the scent of this aromatic herb in infusion form.