Herbal Consultations

>Consultations will begin early November.  [For now, email us]  if this is something you’d be keen on exploring<

Us humans living in the modern world are so distracted by ourselves, our environment, and the pressures that come with it that we don’t pause to notice how often our individual resilience is being tested. On top of the day to day bullshit, we are now more than ever faced with the added pressures of economic uncertainty, exiguous resources, and nutrient-rich food scarcity. To add on to that list for many of us, just existing in our bodies, are faced with the added stress of identity- based oppression.  

Unlike a dusty can of beans in a pantry, these stressors do not have an expiration date and the crookedness of the systems we exist in are inescapable to many. The big question that rises above all of this noise is: how do we exist in a world that has systems in place that solely seek to profit from our ailments and dis-ease? Also, what the hell do herbs have to do with any of this?  

Good question :)  The herbal route can help us integrate our emotional and physical bodies to obtain optimal well-being, pizzaz, spunk, zest, sparkle or whatever you want to call it! Before the development of western medicine, people took steps to claim their preventative care as an expression of personal power, reducing the impact of stress on the body and recalibrating their resilience. 

When working with plants we not only empower ourselves but also the communities they exist in. Herbs can offer us support and can be a pillar of strength in times of hardship and discomfort. All they ask of us is to listen and understand how they may bestow the gift of nourishment. The first steps are educating ourselves as a collective to what they can provide to us. We’ve made this simple. In addition to what’s in the apothecary, we offer a 30 minute herbal consultation through community herbalist, Nadine Vieira-Rosario,  tailored to your body, your needs, your healing process; no bullshit .